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How much does a GS-4 employee get paid?

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5 Step 6 Step 7 Step 8 Step 9 Step 10
$30,280.00 $31,289.00 $32,298.00 $33,307.00 $34,316.00 $35,325.00 $36,334.00 $37,343.00 $38,352.00 $39,361.00

GS-4 Federal Employee Base Salary

GS-4 government employees will receive a base salary of between $30,280.00 and $39,361.00, depending on their General Schedule Step.

The educational and experience requirements for most GS-4 government jobs are:

  • Associate's Degree
  • At least 1 year experience at GS-3 or equivalent

The General Schedule pay raise this year was 4.7%. This translates to a base pay raise of approximately $1,423.16 for a GS-4 Step 1 employee.

Remember that final General Schedule salaries will be higher, depending on the locality in which you work. Visit our locality pages or use our pay calculator to determine adjusted pay for a GS-4 employee.

GS-4 Step 1 Employee

$30,280.00 / year

$14.51 per hour

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About Grade GS-4

GS-4 is a relatively low grade. Most people in this position are new to the GS system and will be promoted quickly to GS-5.

Step Increases within GS-4

As employees gain more experience, they can receive in-grade step promotions. While step promotions generally do not correspond with an increase in authority or responsibility, they do provide a pay raise. Within the GS-4 paygrade, a single step increase will raise yearly base pay by a total of $1,009.00.

When you receive a paygrade promotion, you will maintain your previously attained step. For example, a GS-4 Step 3 employee who receives a paygrade promotion to GS-5 will now be paid at GS-5 Step 3. Read more about how step increases work.

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