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Utah Government Pay Charts Utah General Schedule Payscales

6,193 federal employees †
$70,777 average yearly pay
+5% salary raise this year

A single General Schedule locality, the Rest of U.S. locality, applies to the entirety of Utah. Therefore, all federal employees within the state receive the same 16.82% cost-of-living locality adjustment.

This table lists all of the major cities and military installations within Utah where Federal employees work. Each city lists the GS Locality in which it is located, and the current Locality Adjustment applicable to that locality. Click on any city or locality to see the adjusted pay tables for that region.

City / Base Locality Type Federal Employee Count † GS Locality Name Locality Adjustment
Hill Air Force Base   Air Force 4,615 Rest of U.S. 16.82%
Provo   Civilian 151 Rest of U.S. 16.82%
Salt Lake City   Civilian 2,747 Rest of U.S. 16.82%
Tooele Army Depot   Army 3 Rest of U.S. 16.82%
West Jordan   Civilian 11 Rest of U.S. 16.82%
West Valley City   Civilian 35 Rest of U.S. 16.82%
Dugway Proving Ground   Army 3 Rest of U.S. 16.82%

Employee count includes only Non-DoD Employees in the GS Pay Scale. However, these rates apply to all General Schedule (GS) employees, including those in the Department of Defense (DoD).

Utah Federal Employment Statistics

This section provides statistics on Federal government employees in Utah, including most common occupations, agencies with the most local employees, and the average paygrade and salary rates of general schedule employees in the area. All data in this section is derived from the Office of Personnel Management (OPM)'s most recent available listings of federal employees in Utah.

Common Occupations in Utah

Occupation Number Employed Avg. Salary Avg. Bonus
Tax Examining 2,062 $45,608.00 $0.00
Miscellaneous Clerk And Assistant 1,451 $36,205.00 $0.00
Contact Representative 862 $49,413.00 $0.00
Veterans Claims Examining 318 $75,552.00 $189.00
Management And Program Analysis 253 $102,104.00 $1.00
Information Technology Management 241 $99,526.00 $0.00
Financial Administration And Program 234 $92,979.00 $1.00
Medical Support Assistance 226 $43,279.00 $15.00
General Legal And Kindred Administration 151 $58,046.00 $56.00
Social Work 139 $83,392.00 $94.00
Human Resources Management 135 $72,177.00 $0.00
General Health Science 121 $91,047.00 $41.00

This table lists the top twelve occupations held by the approximately 6,193 federal employees working in Utah, Utah, as well as average yearly compensation for Utah based federal employees of that occupation.

Federal Agencies in Utah

Agency Utah Employees Avg. Salary Avg. Bonus
Internal Revenue Service 5,238 $71,145.00 $0.00
Veterans Health Administration 486 $72,573.00 $50.00
Veterans Benefits Administration 469 $66,799.00 $123.00

There are three Federal agencies with a significant workforce in Utah. General Schedule employees at all of the agencies listed below will be paid according to the locality-adjusted GS payscale listed on this page.

Distribution of GS Employees in Utah

There are approximately 6,193 federal employees on the General Schedule payscale located within Utah. The average federal employee in Utah earns $70,777 per year, and the average yearly bonus is $33.

Based on data provided by the Office of Personnel Management (OPM), the most common job title for federal employees based in Utah is Tax Examining. The Federal agency with the largest number of employees in Utah is the Internal Revenue Service, which has total of 5,238 employees in the area.

The bar graph to the left shows the distribution of employees in Utah by paygrade, from GS-1 to GS-15. To learn more about how paygrades are determined and how they affect a federal employee's salary, see how to calculate GS Pay.

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